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Join our online webinar: Meshing Techniques with Abaqus FEA

Posted by Dolf Broekaart

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    In March's upcoming webinar, we will cover topics related to achieving a good quality mesh using the tools available in Abaqus CAE. Achieving a mesh of the required quality is a fundamental requirement to successful Finite Element Analysis. 

    The first stage in the process is the creation of a geometry that is suitable for meshing. Therefore, a short summary of the geometry editing and virtual topology tools will be given.

    To enable automated meshing in Abaqus CAE it is often required to divide the geometry into simpler shaped regions, a process known as partitioning. The main focus of the webinar will then be to describe the partitioning and meshing tools available in Abaqus CAE.Abaqus Meshing Techniques

    Examples will be shown to describe the function of the various tools available in the software to allow users to select the most appropriate meshing methods for a given geometry.

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    For who is this online webinar training?

    The Meshing Techniques with Abaqus is a paid online training for existing customers. Other companies can sign up and receive a free webinar once. The costs for 10 Online Webinar Training Sessions during the year are EUR 1.175,00. More information can be found here.

    March 23

    11:30 - 12:00

    Online/web based

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    The link for the online event will be sent just one week before the actual date so if you register, please note it in your agenda already.

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