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Structural Analysis and Design with BRIGADE

Posted by Philip Åstrand

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    Bridges and civil structures are the lifelines of modern infrastructure, connecting communities and enabling progress. Behind these architectural marvels lie intricate calculations, meticulous designs, and the expertise of structural engineers. In today's fast-paced engineering landscape, maximizing efficiency and productivity is crucial for success. Engineers face increasingly complex challenges and tight project deadlines, requiring them to work smarter and more efficiently. Whether you're a junior or senior engineer, BRIGADE can be your number one bridge design tool to face these challenges.

    BRIGADE/Standard: Efficiency Meets Precision

    For engineers tasked with standard bridge designs, BRIGADE/Standard is the go-to simulation software. Its streamlined modeling tool ensures efficiency without compromising precision. With its easy-to-use user interface, engineers can analyze and design common standard bridge structures, all while adhering to industry standards. BRIGADE/Standard allows you to optimize your design process, saving time and resources without sacrificing quality.

    BRIGADE/Plus: Advanced Modeling Made Easy

    For the more complex projects, BRIGADE/Plus got you covered. It is a comprehensive simulation software suitable for engineers dealing with both standard and more intricate bridge and civil structure projects. It provides an intuitive interface, ensuring simplicity in design processes. With BRIGADE/Plus, you can access advanced analysis methods, non-linear capabilities, automated handling of moving vehicle loads, and use the predefined load combinations. This powerful tool equips you with advanced modeling capabilities, enabling you to confidently tackle even the most challenging projects.

    Key Features of BRIGADE

    • Complete range of static and dynamic analysis procedures
    • Automated handling of moving vehicle loads
    • Ability to analyze dynamic effects due to Moving Loads
    • Advanced load combination and non-linear capabilities
    • Pre-stress analysis
    • Efficient modeling for standard bridge structures (BRIGADE/Standard)
    • User-friendly interface for all types of structures (BRIGADE/Plus)

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