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Join our Hands-on Workshop: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for Rubbers with Abaqus

Posted by Dolf Broekaart

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    The “Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for Rubbers” Workshop is a free event for anyone dealing with Rubbers, who has beginner or advanced experience in simulation and FEA, but would like to look at extending the scope of the work they do. This workshop is an ideal way to understand what advanced simulation can offer and find out how easy it is to perform a real world non-linear analysis on rubber materials or products. This event will be held this Friday the 23rd of April. Starting with a lecture session covering the essential concepts of advanced simulation for Rubbers, we also give the attendees the opportunity with our hands-on workshop, to model advanced phenomena such as non-linear elastic behaviour & material calibration, in-compressibility, element selection, shrink-fit & pressure penetration and other highly complex events with SIMULIA Abaqus.

    For who is this event?

    For everybody who reached the limit of what they can do with their existing simulation software, or just simply want to enhance their understanding of FEA simulation for Rubbers. This event is suitable for existing Abaqus customers as well as for non-Abaqus customers.


    What topics are discussed?

    Rubbers are seen more and more often in daily life. Applications range from packaging and consumer goods to more sophisticated scenarios like the medical industry or even vibration damping parts in the automotive industry. Whatever the application or the industry, it is very important to have an accurate material model that captures all the necessary behaviour that we want to evaluate to determine whether the product fulfils the necessary requirements. Moreover, the way multiphase materials are manufactured has a very dominant effect on local stiffness and strains in the part and needs to be accounted for in the structural model.

    Our first presentation “Introduction to Rubber” gives an overview of possible complex behaviours to be considered for Rubber.

    The second presentation “Theoretical background of non-linear Analysis“ will give you insights in the possibilities, assumptions and techniques used within non-linear analysis.

    The hand-on session, teaches you how to perform non-linear analysis for rubber, by handling tutorials about large deformation, material calibration, pressure penetration, shrink-fit, fender / cushion inflation and impact absorption, which you will simulate with SIMULIA Abaqus software yourself under guidance of our Abaqus Application Engineers.

    Click on the button below to register, and receive a free Student Edition during the classroom workshop.

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