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Join our Online Training: 'Abaqus without CAE’

Posted by Johan Kölfors

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Table of contents

    This online webinar is part of the Abaqus Continual Learning Program

    Online Webinar Training: 'Abaqus without CAE’ | 30th July 2021 @ 11:30 - 12:00 CET

    About the Webinar 

    At the core of any analysis using Abaqus are the implicit and explicit solvers. To perform a simulation, the finite element model must be defined in a format the solvers can interpret, the solution must be executed and then the output can be interrogated. Abaqus/CAE is an environment in which all of these tasks can be performed within a convenient GUI. However, there are options and features of the solvers that can be accessed and performed outside of Abaqus/CAE which may enhance the efficiency, or improve the control, of the simulation workflow.


    The Topics

    This webinar looks at a selection of scenarios where interacting with the solvers outside of Abaqus/CAE may be beneficial to unlock additional features of the solvers.

    • A brief history of Abaqus and Abaqus/CAE
    • An overview of Abaqus simulation workflow
    • An introduction to the Abaqus input file
    • Input file structure
    • Abaqus keywords
    • File formats
    • Simulation execution
    • Command line job execution and options
    • Batch execution options
    • Solution Output
    • Solution file structure
    • Job monitoring
    • Additional keyword output options

    30th July 2021

    Online Training with live broadcasting.

    11:30 - 12:00 CET

    The costs to follow the Continual Learning Program Webinars is EUR 1.175,00 for a full year including 10-webinars during that year.

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