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SIMULIA Science in the Age of Experience - Proceedings 2017

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    In this topic you will find the all the proceedings and technical publications performed with SIMULIA Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe and Tosca,  from the SIMULIA Science in the age of experience that was held on MAY 15-18th, 2017 CHICAGO, IL.

    Find below an overview of the index & topics from the document.

    The complete PDF can be downloaded below.

    Happy reading!

    Download the Proceedings and Publications in PDF

    SIMULIA Science in the Age of Experience

    Proceedings Index

    Aerospace & Defense

    10 A Computational Framework for the Analysis of an Aero-thermochemical-elastic Eroding Nozzle
    Eric Blades, Nicolas Reveles, Mike Nucci, Scott Miskovish (ATA Engineering, Inc.)

    26 Bird Strike and Novel Design of Fan Blades
    Syed Noman Husainie (Aventec Inc. & University of Toronto)

    41 Leak-before-break - Leakage and Heat Transfer Simulation of Aircraft Bleed Air System Ducts
    Jian Ye (Eaton Corporation)

    54 Lessons Learned in Part Design from Topology Optimization through Qualification
    Haley McKee, John Porter (Honeywell FM&T)

    71 Finite Element Analysis of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash
    Ivan Pontes, Jonatas Silva, Lorena Neves, Lucas Rigobello, Otavio Rosado, Paulo Victor Cerqueira, Raphael Magalhaes, Dr. Roberto Cammino, Dr. Aiman Shibli (Illinois Institute of Technology)

    81 Topology Optimization of Missile and Aviation Components for AM Fabrication
    Devlin Hayduke (Materials Sciences Corporation) John Keith Roberts (U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Design and Engineering Center) Claus B. W. Pedersen, Ph.D (Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH)

    90 Simulation of Semi-Crystalline Composites in the Extrusion Deposition Additive Manufacturing Process
    Bastian Brenken, Eduardo Barocio, Anthony Favaloro, R. Byron Pipes (Purdue University)

    103 Simulation of Polymeric Composites Additive Manufacturing using Abaqus
    Anthony Favaloro, Bastian Brenken, Eduardo Barocio, R. Byron Pipes (Purdue University)

    115 Anisotropic Viscous Flow Simulation in Abaqus
    Anthony J. Favaloro, Drew E. Sommer, and R. Byron Pipes (Purdue University)

    126 A Revolutionary Framework to Enable High-Fidelity Multiscale Modeling
    Wenbin Yu, Su Tian, Bo Peng, Ning Liu (Purdue University)

    138 Modeling Dynamic Behavior of a Safety and Arming Mechanism
    K. Gürses, B. Acar (Roketsan Missile Ind.) 2017 Science in the Age of Experience 3

    150 Tackling the Challenges of Deployable Thin-Film Space Structures with Abaqus
    Chiachung Lee (Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc.) Michael Sasdelli (Dassault Systèmes)

    165 Implementation CAD and EF Composite Parts for Aerospace Industry
    Minh-Quan Thai, Jean-Louis Biaggi (University of Science and Technology, Vietnam) Canh-Hai Nguyen, Yann Charles (University of Paris 13, France)

    175 Numerical Analysis of Ballistic Impact Damage in Layered Isotropic Plates
    I. Smojver, D. Ivančević (University of Zagreb) F. Lukač (Đuro Đaković Special Vehicles) Dr. Mile Budaka (Slavonski Brod, Croatia)

    190 The Role of Finite Element Analysis in the Development of a 60mm Sensor
    Mortar Projectile Pasquale Carlucci, Pavol Stofko, Mark Mellini (U.S. Army - ARDEC)

    199 Simulation of Residual Stresses and Distortions in a 17-4 PH Part Produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
    D. Galles (Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, Army Research Laboratory) C. Chin, V. Oancea (Dassault Stystèmes Simulia)

    Architcture, Engineering, & Construction

    215 Finite Element Analysis of Structural Silicone of Warped Insulated Glass Units
    Kedar Malusare, John Knowles, Christian Stutzki (Stutzki Engineering)

    224 Experimental and Numerical Study for Analyzing the Incompatibility between Materials used in the Restoration of Heritage Building in Morocco
    H.Fihri Fassi, A. Bentaybi (University Hassan First)

    232 Sensitivity of Predicted Temperature in a Fillet Weld T-Joint to Parameters Used in Welding Simulation with Prescribed Temperature Approach
    Kien Nguyen, Caroline Bennett, Jian Li (University of Kansas) Reza Nasouri, Adolfo Matamoros, Arturo Montoya (University of Texas at San Antonio)

    Consumer Goods & Retail

    249 Hockey Stick Swing Analysis Using Finite Element Methods
    Dr. Roberto Cammino, Chaemoon Lee, Dr. Aiman Shibli, Felipe Buarque Cordeiro de Melo, Rafael Ferreira de Freitas, Vitor da Gama Godoy (Illinois Institute of Technology)

    258 Solution from Lattice Sizing Optimization to Additive Manufacturing
    L. Cai (Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US) S. Wright (nTopology inc., Brooklyn, NY, US) J. Fort, J. Bi (Dassault Systèmes, Johnston, RI, US) J. Miller (Mechanical Engineering Department, Purdue University, IN, US)

    264 Design and Optimization of a Prototype of a Olive Press for Home Use
    Hicham Fihri Fassi, Khalil Elahrach (University Hassan First) 2017 Science in the Age of Experience 4

    Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

    275 Isight Automatic Process in the Virtual Drop Test Simulation for Innovative Packaging Design
    E. Sorrentino, D. Bonsi (Electrolux Forli) L. Fattore (Exemplar srl)

    285 Failure is Good: Perforation Patterns and Stretchy Paper Towels
    Nathaniel Hollingsworth (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)

    296 Predicting Non-woven Web Compression Performance from Fiber Properties
    Ted Tower, Anthony Carrillo (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)

    306 Improving Consumer Experience with Squeezable Containers
    Sumit Mukherjee (Plastic Technologies, Inc.)

    Energy, Processes & Utilities and Natural Resources

    317 FEA Modeling for Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Programs
    Jueren Xie, Cam Matthews, Todd Zahacy (C-FER Technologies Inc.)

    343 Validation of XFEM-based Simulation Capabilities for Fluid-Driven Fractures in Permeable Media Sandeep Kumar (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)

    361 Using Abaqus to Model Permanent Set in Rubber: Assessment and Sensitivity Study
    Allan Zhong, Charles Smith (Halliburton)

    376 Improved Thermal Stress Prediction in Quenched Cylindrical Bodies through a Dynamic Convection Coefficient Library
    Patrick Garrity (Naval Nuclear Laboratory-Knolls Atomic Power Lab) David Winkler (Dassault Systèmes)

    393 Process Modeling and Validation for Metal Big Area Additive Manufacturing
    Srdjan Simunovic, Andrzej Nycz, Mark W. Noakes (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Charlie Chin, Victor Oancea (Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corporation)

    409 Fatigue Crack Propagation Comparison of a Hydropower Main Inlet Valve using 3D Crack Meshes in a Full Model Versus a Sub-Model
    Greg Thorwald, Luci Parietti, Daniel Blanks (Quest Integrity Group, LLC)

    424 Multi-Stage, Multi-Wellbore Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Cohesive Zone
    Mahdi Haddad, Kamy Sepehrnoori (University of Texas at Austin) 2017 Science in the Age of Experience 5


    440 Finite Element Simulation of the Multi Jet Fusion (MJF™) Process using Abaqus
    Daniel Fradl, Jay Panditaratne (HP Inc) Jing Bi, Rachel Fu, Victor Oancea (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp)

    470 Application of Artificial Damping Method to Practical Instability Problems
    Takaya Kobayashi, Yasuko Mihara (Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation)

    482 Making Efficient and Effective Use of Simulation Results for Critical Design Decisions
    Charlie Wood, Aiman Shibli, Maninder Sehmbey (Motorola Mobility) INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT

    495 High Rise Elevators—Challenges and Solutions in Ride Comfort Simulations
    Jan Hernelind, Gabriela Roivainen (5T Engineering AB and KONE Corporation)

    507 Exploring the Complex Welding Engineering Design Space using Computational Weld Mechanics
    Mahyar Asadi, Majid Tanbakue Mathew Smith (Applus Canada) Mike Shubert (Dassault Systèmes)

    518 Front-End Loader Linkage Durability Analysis Using Load Input from True-Load
    David Slowinski (CNH Industrial)

    528 Development of the Subroutine Library ‘UMMDp’ for Anisotropic Yield Functions
    Kai Oide, Takaya Kobayashi (Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation) Hideo Takizawa (Nippon Institute of Technology)

    538 Influence of Surrounding Powder Bed and Build Platform on Thermal Cooling Characteristics in 3D Printed Parts via Selective Laser Melting
    Stefanie Feih, C.N. Sun, B. Zhang, J. Wei (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology) Q.L. Lo (Nanyang Technological University) C. Chin (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp)

    559 Mechanical Testing of FDM Parts for Process Simulation
    Siddharth Dev, Prof. Christopher J. Hansen (University of Massachusetts at Lowell) Blake Courter (Stratasys Corp) Jing Bi, Vishal Savane (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp)

    576 Predicting the Properties of Additively Manufactured Parts
    Tyler London, Damaso De Bono (TWI Ltd) Victor Oancea, Sakya Tripathy (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp) 2017 Science in the Age of Experience 6

    Life Sciences

    586 Biomechanics of Craniofacial Fractures: A Simulation Study
    Shobha E.S., H.P. Raghuveer (Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences) Suresh Nagesh, Madhava M C (PESUniversity)

    602 Example Nonparametric Optimization Cases for Additive Manufacturing Using Tosca and Abaqus
    Juan F. Betts, Mark A. Walker, Arash Alizadeh (Front End Analytics LLC)

    621 Three Dimensional Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of the Human Spine and Axial Skeletal System under Dynamic Loads
    Roberto Cammino, Aiman Shibli, Tu Phan, Pablo Solis, Yuan Zheng, Tianyi Wang, Jiasen Gong, Shijie Song, Muaz Bodokji, Bhumi Jasani, Brian Lee, Aumir Ahmad (Illinois Institute of Technology)

    635 Personalized Medical Devices: Contact Lens
    Robert Stupplebeen (Optimal Device)

    648 Parametric Study to Evaluate the Effect of Strut Geometry on PLLA Coronary Stent Recoil
    Ross Blair, A. Lennon, G. Menary (Queen’s University Belfast) N. Dunne (Centre for Medical Device Engineering, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,Dublin City University, Ireland; School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK; Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

    659 A Concurrent Patient-Specific Musculoskeletal and Finite Element Modeling Framework for Predicting in Vivo Kinematics and Contact Mechanics of Total Knee Replacement
    Liming Shu, Naohiko Sugita, Reina Yoshizaki, Ko Yamamoto, Mamoru Mitsuishi (University of Tokyo) Prabhav Saraswat, Jiang Yao (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.)

    Transportation & Mobility

    673 Cylinder Head Water Jacket Fatigue Optimization Workflow
    Zachary Yates (Caelynx)

    681 Designing Cylinder Head Gaskets for New Generation Powertrains
    Rohit Ramkumar, Jason Tyrus, Paul Fatora, Harald Rebien (Dana Incorporated)

    694 Fatigue Damage Assessment of Unfilled Polymers including Self-Heating Effects
    Amir K. Shojaei, Pieter Volgers (DuPont)

    710 State of the Art Hytrel® Material Modeling Development for the Design of Jounce Bumper
    Helga Kuhlmann (DuPont)

    725 Analysis of DuPont Engineering Polymers - Challenges and Solutions
    Pieter Volgers (DuPont) Anders Winkler (Dassault Systèmes Simulia) 2017 Science in the Age of Experience 7

    740 Bi-Directionally Coupled Multi-Physics Analysis on Fuel Tank
    Nagarjun Jawahar. Saharash Khare, Rama Subu (Hero MotoCorp Ltd)

    751 Dynamic Simulation Methodology of Half-Toroidal IVT Variator System with Feedback Control
    Toshihiro Saito (Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center) Eiji Inoue (NSK Ltd.) Yoshitaka Tamoto (Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.)

    761 Improvement of Piston Skirt Scuffing Problem using 3D Piston Motion Simulation
    Sangwoo Cha (Hyundai Motor Company)

    770 A Study of Durability Improvement of Balance Shaft Module
    Ju-Hwan Lee, Seoung-Joon Kim (R&D Center, Hyundai Motor Company)

    780 Comparison of ALE, CEL and SPH for Self-Piercing Riveting
    Satoshi Ishikawa, Hiroshi Aihara (IDAJ Co., Ltd.)

    790 FlowVision & Abaqus 2-Way Strongly Coupled FSI Simulation of Automobile Tire Aquaplaning
    Ming-Feng Sung, Chin-Fu Chen, Chien-hung Liu (Kenda Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd) Chuan-Jun Yu (Samwell Testing Co. Ltd, Taiwan)

    812 Modelling Rubber Bushings using the Parallel Rheological Framework
    Javier Rodriguez, Francisco Riera (Principia) Jon Plaza (Cikatek, Spain)

    825 Stress Analysis under Random Loading
    James Guo, Norbert Kearney (Robert Bosch LLC, Chassis Systems Control Division)

    834 Modelling of Accurate and Fast Heat Transfer Analysis using FILM Subroutine
    Abhilash Puthiyot Meethal, Anup V.P (Robert Bosch LLC, Chassis Systems Control Division)

    846 Reliability Based Design Optimization of Sub-Systems / Component using Monte Carlo Simulation of Isight
    Sastry Bonala (Tata Consultancy Services)

    854 Development of the High-performance Bushing Model using Abaqus
    Satoshi Ito, Daichi Suzuki, Masahiro Ueda (Toyota Motor Corporation)

    870 Fatigue Life Prediction of Welds in Motorcycle Frames on a Rough Road
    Kazunobu Sakamoto (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.)

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