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Join our online webinar: Civil Engineering with Abaqus FEA

Posted by Dolf Broekaart

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    In February's upcoming webinar, we will look at the Abaqus capabilities for modelling Civil Engineering.

    Accurate structural analysis are needed to ensure the safety of buildings and infrastructures. The analysis can be static, for example to evaluate the strength of a RC structural connection or the displacements in a steel frame.

    Dynamic and modal analysis are commonly used for seismic analysis, to predict the structural response to wind loading or to evaluate the vibrations induced by moving loads. Often the nonlinear behaviour must be considered, for example in case of large displacements or in case of damaged concrete.Civil Engineering Webinar Training.png

    Extreme loading scenarios must be analysed for particular structures: blast loading, progressive collapse analysis for tall buildings or impact simulations of containment structures. Abaqus, with its nonlinear analysis capabilities, wide range of material models and analysis procedures, provides a valid solution for all this kind of structural problems.

    In this webinar, we will cover the basic tools needed to model these situations: first the principal constitutive models used to model common construction materials will be reviewed. Special emphasis will be put on concrete and reinforced-concrete modelling techniques. Structural elements are often used to model civil engineering structures: beam, shell and truss elements will be presented, with special applications and examples provided throughout the webinar.

    For who is this online webinar training?

    The Civil Engineering with Abaqus is a paid online training for existing customers. Other companies can sign up and receive a free webinar once. The costs for 10 Online Webinar Training Sessions during the year are EUR 1.175,00. More information can be found here.

    February 23

    11:30 - 12:00

    Online/web based

      Register Now

    The link for the online event will be sent just one week before the actual date so if you register, please note it in your agenda already.

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